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How To Talk About What You Do

2017-07-19T21:14:00-06:00Career, Leadership|

Recently I caught up with a former colleague, who I’ll call John. Formerly a senior leader with a Fortune 100 company, John has extraordinary skills in his field. He’s also in a career transition right now—in other words, he’s looking for a new job after being laid off. During our chat, I noticed that John [...]

How to Be a Courageous Leader

2017-07-19T21:14:00-06:00Career, Innovation, Leadership|

I work with many tremendously talented people who repeatedly overcome obstacles and succeed, but I also see others who remain stuck in a perpetual negative cycle they believe they’re powerless to escape. As an executive coach I’ve learned that there’s one key differentiator: courage. And it’s not just the run-of-the-mill “gladiator” archetype of courage. Rather, [...]

7 Steps to Simple, Straightforward Strategic Planning

2017-07-19T21:14:00-06:00Innovation, Leadership, Strategy|

In my last article, Get Your Year Off to the Right Start, I discussed the importance of strategic planning and goal setting. However, annual strategic planning can become arduous and complex. The result is unproductive meetings, plans that are never implemented, or (worst of all) people who give up on planning entirely. Unless you’re a Fortune [...]

Get Your New Year Off to the Right Start

2017-08-10T05:48:11-06:00Career, Innovation, Leadership|

Most of us are now back in the office after a well-deserved holiday break, and even though jumping back in after the year-end vacation can feel overwhelming, I believe the beginning of the year is the perfect time to take stock of the past, celebrate your accomplishments, and set some goals for the coming year. [...]

Innovation = Diversity + Inclusivity

2017-07-19T21:14:00-06:00Innovation, Leadership|

Innovation has become the Holy Grail for companies, leaders, and individuals. And with good reason. We live in a time of extraordinary change coming at a staggering pace. Whether this change becomes an asset or a liability largely depends on the ability innovate. There are hundreds of books on innovation, all with excellent studies, models, [...]

Do You Have the Courage to Win by Losing?

2017-07-19T21:14:00-06:00Career, Leadership|

How often do you lose arguments? I’m talking about argument in its literal sense (meaning a productive debate), not an overly emotional exchange.  If the answer is “not often,” then you may be doing yourself a tremendous disservice. In fact, one of the best things a business leader (or an aspiring business leader) can learn is [...]

Never Treat Your Boss Like a Boss


As a coach, I’m frequently called upon to help clients navigate challenging situations with a boss. Sometimes the problems have lingered for years and have festered into deep frustration and anger. Other times, I’ll hear from people who already have good boss relationships but want to make them great relationships. In most cases, the key [...]

How Well Are You Managing Your Own Success?


Every day, I have the privilege of talking to many highly successful professionals. And, whether they’re senior leaders or emerging talent, entrepreneurs or big company veterans, in very stable positions or in transition, there Is one thing that far too many have in common: Despite a history of success in managing the businesses under their [...]

A Cautionary Tale From a Fat Cat – Business Ethics in Today’s World


On March 3, 2013, Swiss voters approved a referendum (the Minder “Fat Cat” Initiative) that implements some of the world’s strictest controls on executive compensation.  The story has received far less attention in the United States than I would have hoped because it represents an important cautionary tale about business ethics and, if not heeded, [...]

Getting Ahead in Today’s Economy: Emotional Intelligence Demystified

2017-07-19T21:14:01-06:00Career, Leadership|

Are you intelligent enough for today’s economy? Research shows that as much as 75% of career success is driven by intelligence—but not the kind that would be measured on any IQ test. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is one of the most important (yet most misunderstood) skills for today’s chaotic business environment—whether you’re a leader, individual contributor, [...]

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