Want To Make Your Company Resilient? Start With An Inspiring Mission


Here’s a question I get asked a lot: How can I make my company more resilient? It’s a great question, and sometimes the answer is simple: Make sure you have an inspiring mission. In today’s world, people need to be resilient, but companies need resilience just a much. The business environment is more volatile and [...]

Stop Networking—Start Connecting!


Here’s a question I get asked a lot: “How can I be a better networker?” My answer often comes as a surprise: “Stop networking!” I say that because the stereotypical view of “networking” is ineffective, and it can even be harmful. Instead, people should focus on connecting and building real relationships. Here’s why relationships are [...]

Map Your Relationships and Save that Critical Project

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Susan is a COO for a rapidly growing company, and she’s been charged with rolling out a customer care initiative. She seemed like the perfect lead, she’s good with technology and she is great at project management. But the project is in trouble, and the CEO is losing confidence. Here’s Susan’s big mistake: She neglected to manage the relationships needed to make the project successful. It’s a very common mistake and there’s a simple tool that can help—relationship mapping.

A Better Way to Do Business—Why I Became a B Corp

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I want to share some very good news. Vision Executive Coaching recently became certified as a B Corporation, or B Corp for short. B Corp certification means that Vision has undergone a rigorous assessment of our ethical, social and environmental business practices, and that we meet the highest standards. I’m extremely proud of this move for a number [...]

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