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A Cautionary Tale From a Fat Cat – Business Ethics in Today’s World

On March 3, 2013, Swiss voters approved a referendum (the Minder “Fat Cat” Initiative) that implements some of the world’s strictest controls on executive compensation.  The story has received far less attention in the United States than I would have hoped because it represents an important cautionary tale about business ethics and, if not heeded, I believe it is a harbinger of more drastic things to come.  No matter what your feelings about Minder’s Fat [...]

Getting Ahead in Today’s Economy: Emotional Intelligence Demystified

Are you intelligent enough for today’s economy? Research shows that as much as 75% of career success is driven by intelligence—but not the kind that would be measured on any IQ test. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is one of the most important (yet most misunderstood) skills for today’s chaotic business environment—whether you’re a leader, individual contributor, business owner, or professional in transition. EQ is often mistaken for a “touchy/feely,” optional soft skill. In truth, EQ is [...]

Reinvent Your Thinking to Succeed in the New (Innovation) Economy

We live in an extraordinary time!  You have more opportunity in front of you than ever before, you have more career flexibility and freedom than your parents could ever dream of, and tomorrow holds even more promise than today.  However, there is one very big caveat—success depends on some very specific abilities, and many people are going to fall short. Today’s business world is driven by what I like to call the “The Innovation Economy,” [...]

Giving the Gift of Feedback

I once had a co-worker who was fond of saying, “Feedback is a gift. Sometimes it’s a gift you don’t want, but it’s always a gift.” Over the last several months I’ve heard many examples of poor, ineffective, or non-existent performance management processes. Let’s take a look at what good feedback looks like and understand why it’s truly a gift for everyone. Why is feedback so important? Just the other day I was talking to [...]

Use Fear to Inspire Your Leadership Creativity

Fear!  We think of fear as something we shouldn’t feel, or something we need to overcome.  However, healthy fear can be one of the most important tools in your leadership arsenal, and, when properly used, fear can improve planning, unlock creativity, and increase innovation.  Let’s examine what healthy fear looks like and how to use it. The secrete about fear and courage Courage isn’t about the absence of fear.  It’s about dealing with fear in [...]

Why Technology Leaders Benefit More from Executive Coaching

For decades CEOs and other senior business leaders have recognized the value of executive coaching and used it to foster their success.  Although it’s now common for executives to have their own coaches, CIOs, CTOs, and other technology leaders have lagged far behind.  However, the tide has shifted in recent years, and we’re seeing that coaching can have even greater benefits for technology professionals. What Is Executive Coaching? In many ways executive coaching is analogous [...]

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